Monday, January 27, 2014

Trying to beat the Monday blahs.....

Good afternoon!

Anybody that knows me, know I dislike Mondays. I find it extremely difficult to get out of my warm bed when that pesky alarm goes off, as well drag myself to the shower and get ready for work :P In an attempt to be somewhat cheerful today, I used two of my new Zoyas I got last week, Brigitte and Odette.

Before I say anything else, I want to express I am beyond impressed with this collection, Naturel. Granted, I only got 3 and have used two on myself (and one on my mother), but if the others are like these three...... Wow. I avoid most neutrals/nudes because 1) the formulas SUCK, therefore making application sucktastic, and 2) they're boring. The Naturel collection is neither of those. 

I used Brigitte as my base color for today's mani. I was astounded that I only needed two coats (1 if I applied it thicker!) for opacity. I topped it off with Seche and let that dry a good while, then cut pieces of blue painter's tape with scrapebooking scissors. I taped off each nail then applied Odette, then another coat of Seche. 

I also have for you yesterday's Stamping Sunday challenge, three purples. The very base was 3 coats of Zoya Miley, topped with Seche. Over that, using the Saran Wrap method, I applied Zoya Malia and let that dry before stamping. The stamped image is from Chez Delaney Divers 001, stamping color is Chanel Vendetta. Topped off with Seche.

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