Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

Good evening!

So, I have a bit of a Throwback Thursday for y'all :) I would suggest if you don't like Shatter/Crackles, you may want to pass over tonight's post lol.

Way back at the end of 2009/beginning of 2010, I really got into the nail polish community. What pushed me over the edge was the release of OPI's Katy Perry collection. It's one of the few collections where I own every color. For Throwback Thursday, I give to you Not Like the Movies with Black Shatter :) The crappy weather we've had here did not lend itself for capturing the color shift of NLTM, sadly.

Wednesday's was soft and pretty, I really like how it looked. I don't know if the collection was slated for release this month or next, but I found at Sally's over the weekend FingerPaints' new set of flakies, called the Kaleidoscope collection. They're not like their last set, these are softer in color, perfect for spring.

I layered two coats of Colorful Dream over Zoya Neely, then made it matte with Wet 'N Wild's matte topcoat.

On Tuesday, I used two untrieds, both from OPI. The newer was the Gwen Stefani collection released this month, In True Stefani Fashion. It's a square and hex silver holo glitter that can be layered or worn alone. I chose to layer it over Black Satin.

I was originally gonna pass on the glitter, until I realized it has square glitters. Love it!

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