Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A little stamping and some blackheart......

Good morning!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and got through Monday unscathed :) My weekend was a little busy, on top of feeling a little under the weather. Thankfully, I didn't get sick, just didn't feel my best.

Anywho, I have yesterday and Sunday's manis to show you. I'd also have today's, but the sun hasn't yet decided to grace us with her appearance today >.< Maybe later tonight.

The week before last, I finally caved and bought one Urban Decay's new lacquers. Unknown to me, they had made lacquers years ago, but stopped I guess. Last year, they started creating and releasing new colors once more. They're a little pricey to me, more so than some indie brands I've seen. After seeing so many raves about Blackheart, though, I decided to pick it up....... and I can see what raves are about.

Blackheart is very nearly a one coater. The formula applied very well for me. The color is definitely unique to me; UD describes it as a greige, which is a color name I've never been real familiar with. I say it's a cross between brown and grey, depending on the light, with a red shift thrown in. My pics really don't do it justice. My mani was 2 coats topped with Seche.

Sunday's stamping challenge called for a plate ending in 2. The plate I picked was Bundle Monster BM-H22. My base color was 2 coats of OPI's 4 in the Morning, with Push and Shove as the stamping color, no topcoat. Push and Shove stamps wonderfully, however, much of the stamping started coming off in the shower. 4 in the Morning didn't chip, which made me happy. 

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