Saturday, February 22, 2014

Where to start?

Good evening!

So I know I've been MIA this week. Half my office has been sick with the damned flu since Tuesday, so it's been just myself and my mother holding down the fort. It's been hella busy too, on top of it of it all, so I haven't had much time until now to post anything. Let's get started, shall we?

For yesterday's Texture Friday, I featured a new texture color. This is came from OPI and is part of the Brazil collection. Sadly, for whatever, OPI chose to make the texture colors as minis only, making me a sad panda and forcing me to buy 4 sets of minis to make my own full size. The color I wore yesterday is this year's Pantone Color of the Year, radiant orchid (or, at least it is to me). The color is Samba-body Loves Purple, and I needed 3 coats for opacity. It practically glowed against my skin, I love it.

And yes, it's a sparkly texture :)

On Thursday, I featured Just Spotted the Lizard and Shatter the Scales for OPI's Amazing Spiderman collection. I'm pretty sure that was the last collection that had a Shatter released with it. Two coats of JSTL, a coat of Seche, a coat of STS, and one more coat of Seche.

Wednesday I did a little stamping, again with OPI colors. My base was 3 coats of OPI's newest yellow, I Just Can't Cope-acabana. I'm slmost sure I could had done with 2, if they had been thick enough. This is a surprisingly pigmented and very nice applying yellow, and I've had some crappy yellows (hello, China Glaze Lemon Fizz!). A coat of Seche, then stamped with MJ Jr 8 in Incognito in Sausalito, then Seche again.

Tuesday featured a new to me brand, KB Shimmer. I've read lots of good things about the brand, so I decided to give it a try. I picked a color from the Valentine's set they (still) have for sale, Whole Lava Lovin'. First, just let me say, this is the first red holo that I have really wanted to have. It's a linear holo, but isn't over the top like some red holos I've seen. It's also not a bright, gaudy red that would look horrible on me. KB Shimmer describes it as a cherry red, but I think it has a little more pink in it. Two coats for opacity, and the Seche didn't dim the holo-ness :)

Monday's mani was rather boring compared to the rest of the week lol. I'm really on the fence on how it turned out, though. It's one of those manis where I think I should have stopped at the base and left it be, but I didn't.

The base was 2 coats of Zoya Normani. Now, I remember seeing another call the color putty grey and I have to agree. That's exactly what it looks like on me, the color of putty. It's not unflattering, but rather it's looks nice. I truly own nothing like it. Instead of stopping here, I added a coat of one of Finger Paints' newest flakies, I just don't remember which one (I really should write these things down >.<).

It doesn't look bad, I just don't think it looks that great either lol.

There you have it! I'm all caught up now :)

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