Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yay for short work weeks!

Even though it's gonna totally throw off the rest of the week for me >.<

Good afternoon! I have a few manis to show off today, especially one I completely spaced on posting Friday. Time definitely got away from me, which happens. Let's get rolling!

Today featured two Zoya colors, one new and one from the Awaken collection this past spring. I couldn't tell you why, because normally I avoid nudes/neutrals like the plague, but I have been loving Zoya's Naturel collections this year. So much so that I'm only missing just one of the colors. I couldn't tell you why they appeal to me so much, when others just don't, but these do. So when Zoya debuted the Naturel Deux, I snagged up half of it in one order, then the other three not two weeks later. 

On my nails today are 2 coats of Chanelle with a coat of Monet sponged over it. Application for Chanelle was perfect. I've found Monet is best applied sponged because it is so thick and can quickly become a hot, bubbly mess. Topped with Seche to smooth things out.

Yesterday was Labor Day here in the US, and in honor of that, I did up something of a patriotic mani, trying out something I've seen done and talked about for a while now: water marbling with clear polish. 

It started off with 3 coats each of China Glaze's Dorothy Who? and Ruby Pumps topped with Seche. I wanted to marble white over these to create red/white and blue/white nails. I had come across months ago a water marbled mani very similar to what I wanted to do, and the poster had used clear polish. Not topcoat, but just clear polish, like what most cheap brands carry. For mine, I used OPI's Alpine Snow and Sinful Colors Clear. It was no different marbling with the clear as opposed to other colors. Topped with Seche to finish.

Stamping Sunday's theme this week over a striped background. I had a hard time coming up with something; everything I came up with in my head looked very "nautical" to me. I think even my end result looked like it, so it didn't last long lol.

The base color for the mani was 2 coats of the bright ass Zoya Ali. The stripes were stamped in Mundo de Unas white from my VL-2 plate from aliexpress. Over the stripes I stamped a flowers image from the same plate in Mundo de Unas navy and topped everything with Seche.

Last Friday was Michael Jackson's birthday. If he was still living, he would have been 56. I have always loved his music, so I chose to a tribute mani. The base color is 2 coats of Smooth Criminal from Colors by Llarowe. SC was launched last in tribute to Michael, and on Friday she launched another tribute collection. I picked up a color from that one as well and can't wait to get it.

The images I used were from an entire plate dedicated to MJ by Chez Delaney, stamped in Mundo de Unas white. A coat of Seche finished it off.

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