Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Got a little behind......

So, I've got three manis to post today ._. I'll start with today's. I really like how it turned out, too.  Started with two coats of OPI's Rinse Charming, which is prolly my favorite silver polish EVER. The color Your Royal Shine-ness from one of the Serena Williams sets I think is very like it. This silver is just awesome; I really don't wear it enough.

As a finishing touch, I added one coat of Turqouise Shatter. I'm coming to realize I should have gotten a second bottle of this. My husband even likes it. lol.

Next, is something I played around with on Sunday: Black and turqouise Shatter over Kyoto Pearl. I think it would looked better over Alpine Snow, to be honest, but I wanted to try KP first. Two coats of KP to start with.

Then Black Shatter......

Then Turqouise Shatter. I think maybe I should have applied this side to side instead of up and down.

And lastly, the mani I had for Friday. It hasn't been easy trying to find a color to go with the Blue Shatter, but I found something that worked. Started with two coats of Give Me the Moon! Now it was a little sheer after two coats but for Shattering, that's ok.

Then, one coat of Blue Shatter.

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