Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's a Creamsicle! Kinda.....

Happy Saturday! Today's post was actually meant for yesterday, but because so many stupid little things kept going wrong and I had to be to work a little earlier, I didn't get it finished. Anyways, this mani reminded me of an orange Creamsicle; I can remember eating those as a child like they were going out of style. I started the mani with 2 coats of OPI's Flit a Bit. This is a pretty, medium orange that's perfect for summer.

I then topped it off with OPI's White Shatter. Now, I got their white mainly to compare to China Glaze's Lightning Bolt. I have to say, the White Shatter is nicer than Lightning Bolt. I prolly could have not topcoated in between the color and the Shatter, but I'm impatient :P I had no problems with the White Shattering not shattering or anything like that. It is as nice a formula as OPI's other Shatters I have tried so far; I have the Blue left to try, but I don't have the Red as I don't like the shade of red it is. White definitely looks better over brighter colors, so I'm taking my butt to Sally's later since most of OPIs aren't bright bright.

As you can prolly tell, I didn't use Seche over this. I decided to matte this, as I do with alot of Shattered manis with a creme base colors. It gives it more pop, to me. Anyways, I used Essie's Matte About You, which Trade Secret had on sale for $2, along with the entire Essie stock they had.

Also, I finally got around to trying my other Fingerpaints color, Outta Sight Orange. I don't have any pics because I didn't like how my art came out. Outta Sight Orange is a much better formula than Psychedelic Sunshine. It applied nicely and wasn't too thick or gloopy.

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