Friday, June 24, 2011

What should have been a simple mani......

Became nothing but frustration >.> Yesterday, I decided to give a combo I had read alot about a try: OPI's Black Onyx and I Juggle...Men. So many people on OPI's Facebook raved about it. Started with 2 coats of Black Onyx, and instead of topcoating that, I let it air dry. I'll explain why in a minute.

Now, alot of people have had problems with IJM "wrinkling" after they applied their topcoat. The theory on that is it doesn't play well with topcoats that aren't 3 free. Incidentally, they've come up with ways around that. What I just ended up doing is using Out the Door over mine. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be any better. OTD caused polish shrinkage at the tips and "splits" appeared in the IJM layers. You can see some of shrinkage in the next three pics but the "splits" are hard to capture. At first, I had taken polish off four nails that were really bad (this was after I had taken pics). I did those four over and then really noticed how bad the shrinkage was and found a few more "splits". In the end, I took off the whole mani and started over, doing the same number of coats and allowing enough time to dry.  I thought IJM might be the problem, but saw that it wasn't after a few minutes. I topcoated with OTD again, and bingo. That's what was causing the problems. I could deal with the shrinkage, as I don't normally keep a mani for more than a day, but not the "splits". I'll be picking up a bottle of CND and ordering some Poshe and seeing which I like best. I'm also open to suggestions on others! Btw, this is two coats of IJM over BO.

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