Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hope you're not sick of flakies!!!

Because I have more flakie goodness for today's post, with two new bottles that came in today's mail! I do think I'm done with buying any more, since I now own 8 different flakies :P

For this post, I'm featuring FingerPaints' Twisted. This flakie has multicolored pieces of mylar suspended in a milky base that dries clear.

That pic doesn't really do it any justice. It's so pretty even in the bottle.

For my base color, I started with 2 coats of OPI's Road House Blues, which is dark blurple, lol, and let that completely dry. Then I added two coats of Twisted, topped with SV, then one final coat with Hard Candy's Mattely in Love. I'm seriously on the matte flakie bandwagon. Making a flakie matte seems to show it off better than the normal topcoat, but I suppose that depends on the flakie. Here's Twisted over Road House Blues.

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