Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So Goth and so glam!

Or maybe not xD

I'm sure most of went through a phase as teenagers, or made a whole lifestyle change, that's commonly referred to as Goth. Me, I never got that chance, since my parents would have had an absolute fit, and didn't like the little changes I made when I was 19 >.>

I never wore the black polish, or dyed my hair black, or wore all black, or any of that........ at least until the last few years. I have had my hair black (LOVED it!!), and I use black polish more.

Most people can't pull off black polish, it washes their hands out alot. For some odd reason, my coloring allows me to do many colors most of my friends never could lol. I can wear black, but I prefer something with a shimmer over a flat black creme.

Today's feature, however, isn't either of those, but a glitter: Metallic 4 Life from the Niki Minaj collection from OPI. I was set on passing this up because it looked so much like like How's It Snowin'?, also from OPI, and China Glaze's Tinsel Town. I was wrong though; HIS and TT have charcoal bases with mix sized glitter while M4L has a black jelly base with multi sized silver glitter. You certainly don't have to layer any of them, but for this mani I did.

I started with my usual one coat of Nail Envy followed by one coat of Seche Clear, since I know how badly two coats of Black Onyx can/will stain, lol. Let that all dry, of course, then applied two coats of  Metallic 4 Life with a final coat of SV. I'm not gonna love taking this off, but I do like the look. I'm lucky to have a boss that doesn't care what's on my nails :P

Also, I am so close to finishing up my swatches, yay!! Hopefully, I'll have that all finished up this week this and I can really start editting andposting them here.

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  1. This looks so good on you - you make me want to go back to the store and get this, LoL. Great post, and beautiful (as always!) nails. :o)