Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I bet you thought this was about flakies! :P

Well, today's post was almost about flakies, lol. But, I did pink flakies last week, so I decided to do something different.

It being Pink Wednesday and all, my mani is, of course, pink and black. For my base color, I'm featuring a new color to me and a new color for OPI. It's called Pink Friday and it's from the Niki Minaj collection that was released this month. It's one of three colors that I have picked up so far from that collection. I'm still on the fence about the two glitters (one a bar glitter, the other a normal glitter that's really similiar to two others I have) and the lime green. I was kinda iffy about Pink Friday as well; it's not my usual kind of pink and I'm still not sure I like it on me or not.

The formula for this color was kind of hard to work with. It really reminded me of how my China Glaze Lemon Fizz applied: streaky, dried too quick during application, and just not as easy to apply the other creme I have from the collection, Fly. I was a bit disappointed with that, since I have just one other from OPI that's a total nightmare to apply. PF is a pretty color, so I may just have to live with the formula/ application.

For this mani, I had to use 3 coats. Two might have been fine if I hadn't wanted to do stamping, but I did 3 anyways. For the stamping, I used BM plate 05 and Color Club's Revvvolution, all topped with SV.

I'm almost done with my swatches. I have about 20 colors left to do, and of course a bunch of pics to upload and edit. I plan to start posting them on the appropriate swatch tab this weekend, but I'll let you guys know for sure. I've also added links to my stash lists, if you wanna take a peek at that.

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