Monday, August 6, 2012

Dupe Monday

Good morning! As promised, I've dedicated Mondays for the next few months for solely dupe comparisons, since I'll be taking my nail tech course 5 days a week and working one day (Monday) a week. I just won't have time to do much of anything else!

I'm a little embarrassed, and a bit amused, at how many dupes I've come across in my collection lately. It easy to see what shiney colors I'm drawn to :P Today I'm going to compare two OPIs, No Room for the Blues and Just Groovy. NRFTB is from the Bright Pair collection, JG from Psydelic Summer.

In the bottle, they look very similiar, if not the same.

On the nail, I applied 3 coats of each, which is what was needed for opacity, no topcoat. As you can see, they are exactly the same color. JG is on my index and ring fingers, NRFTB on middle and little fingers.

I have both only because, years ago when it first came out, I had JG, but I ended up giving it to my cousin. I purchased NRFTB last year, having no idea it was the same as JG, but regretting giving JG away. So, yeah :P


  1. Amazing colour!!! It is great that you have this shade back in your collection :D!

  2. Thank you! This one of my favorite medium blues that I really need to wear more lol. Now that I have two bottles, I doubt I'll be running out any time soon! :P