Friday, August 10, 2012

I love jellies!

Good morning and happy Friday! So, this is my last weekend of freedom lol. Do I have any big plans? Not really, aside from doing a little shopping and changing my pedi with possibly some housework thrown in there somewhere xD

Ok, so if you've been following polish trends at all for the last several months, you'd know that jellies have been a big hit this years. It seems like every brand now has their jellies. Zoya, though, is the first that I've seen, though there may be others, that has a set with their fall collection. They are called the Gloss collection and the two I bought are just beautiful. I welcomed into my collection Frida and Paloma, and I'm really rethinking not getting Katherine. Today I'm going to show what I did with Paloma.

I don't particularly care about wearing jellies just by themselves, although I have done that. They're so much more fun when they're layered; they're just that versatile. I wanted to wear Paloma layered, but not as a jelly sandwich, not this time anyways. By chance, I picked my only purple from Zoya, Carly. Carly is a lovely, grape purple foil that stood alone in the Beach & Surf collection.

For this mani, I applied two coats of Carly, although I could have gotten away with one, slightly thick coat, that's how pigmented Carly is. I let that dry, which wasn't very long, and applied one coat of Paloma. All I can say is, wow! My final result was a very, lit from within look that is much coveted. I topped with Poshe and done! I'm very happy with how this little experiment turned out :)

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