Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tetris, anyone?

Good morning! So the countdown has started! I have 7 days until I start my nail tech course. I'm excited......... and  little nervous! I haven't really been in school or a class of any kind since I graduated high school 15 years ago (can't believe it's been that long!). This is a huge change for me, and I'm hoping for a alot of good to come of it =D

On to today's mani! Normally I do a pink themed mani for Wednesdays, but I chose to break away from that today. I wanted to use an image on my new Vivid Lacquer plate that was the sole reason for me getting it. The other images are nice, but this is my favorite.

I'm sure most of us can remember when we first got our favorite, or when it came it out. I know do; I may have been pretty young, but I do remember it, and even had it up until about 8 years ago. I'm talking about the old, spinach colored version of Tetris! I could literally play that for hours. I loved it, and I was pretty sad when my old, old Game Boy finally gave up the ghost. Imagine my joy at getting a Nintendo DS Lite and the new version of Tetris! I still want to get the traditional version, but I'm happy with the new :)

So, yeah, when I saw this plate come up for sale, I had to have it. And today I finally get to show it off. I wanted to incorporate colors into the design, so I started with a water marble. First, I used two coats of Milani's White on the Spot as my base color and topped with SV. Then I set up my space with everything I needed to water marble.

My last few attempts at water marbling were fails; someone suggested heating the water in microwave. It also helps if I'm not right up, face first against my water lol. This water marble didn't come out quite the way I would have liked, but it was better than before. My colors were Color Club's Disco Dress, Sinful Color's Clementine, and China Glaze's Splish Splash and Pink Voltage. I cleaned it all up and topped again with SV.

Now, the entire Tetris image on VL plate is pretty big, so I only used part of it. I used Konad's Special White to stamp with, and one last coat of SV. I actually really like how this turned out!

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