Monday, July 29, 2013

A new use for Saran Wrap....

Good evening!

I know I'm a day late posting my Stamping Sunday challenge, but I've had an incredibly busy weekend that involved a party Saturday, cleaning practically all morning yesterday (needless to say, I'm very sore from that x.x), and hanging with an old, dear friend yesterday afternoon. Through all that, my mani held up unbelievably well, but that could be because of the three coats of Seche lol.

Let's get started!

Yesterday's theme called for using a Saran, or cling, wrap base. This is a new technique to me but I've found that's not very dissimilar to sponging; you're just using the wrap in place of a sponge. From what I can tell, there are two ways to do this, but I'll get that in a sec.

For my base, I used 3 coats of Zoya Arizona followed by a coat of Seche, since I didn't want to destroy it. Now, to create the effect, you can either apply your next color directly on top of the first, then dab it with the Saran wrap, or put some polish on the Saran wrap then dab it on. Either works, but I think the second method may better, even though I tried the first one. It seems my polish dried a little faster than I would have liked and tried to pull off more, if that makes sense. 

My second color was Zoya Wednesday. I was trying to create a beachy look, but it came out a little muddy =\ I topped that with Seche and let dry before stamping. The plates I used were Winstonia W108 and Mash 35, all stamped in Sally Hansen Insta Dri Co-balt Blue, followed by the last coat of Seche.

Overall, I like how it turned out and held up under the abuse I put it through, but yeah, I think the base could have been better. See for yourself!

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