Friday, July 5, 2013

Yeah, so, I was wrong......


About this week being tamer than last week >.>

Good evening! I had a rather unexpectedly crazy week again, leaving me with little time for posting manis. Last weekend, I was totally uninspired for Stamping Sunday, never mind that the theme chosen was something I was waiting to do until yesterday, so I had nakey nails until Monday. Wasn't able to get any pics of that mani because, well, we had nasty, nasty weather here most of the week. It finally settled back down into our usual summer weather, but still.

So, I do have 3 manis to show you tonight, let's get to them! First, is yesterday's patriotic Fourth of July mani. All colors used are from Zoya. My base colors were Purity and Ibiza, stamped colors were Sooki and Trixie. I added a coat of Out the Door's Northern Lights to the Ibiza/Trixie combo :) Stamping plate used was Winstonia W107.

Excuse the awkward, dominant hand pics, I jacked up the stamping on my other hand and just didn't fix it :P

Now, since I worked on Wednesday, I did do something patriotic that wasn't that ^ mani. I found at Walmart, several weeks ago, this pretty glitter from Pure Ice. It has two different sized red hexs, larger blue hex, and silver stars. This is certainly one you need dab on, and fish for the stars. I layered it over OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I didn't need to add a coat of Gelous before the Seche. I did matte it, though, with OPI's Matte Topcoat.

And lastly, is another glitter, this one from Maybelline. They've released, within the Color Show line, a set of 5 polishes called Polka Dots. They're all colored, jelly bases with mixed size, black and white matte hexes. The one I'm showing you is Blue Marks the Spot, although I went back and got Drops of Jade and Pretty in Polka. For my mani, I did three coats of Blue with one Gelous and one Seche. Personally, I'll be layering them the next time I use one. These you will need to dab on.

I found the Polka Dots at Walgreens last weekend, and they're on sale right now BOGO 50% off. I'm happy to see another mainstream company catching on to the matte glitter (as opposed to the textured glitter, Pixie Dusts or Liquid Sand) trend. I'm still waiting to find the Salon Perfect Neon Collision matte glitters at one of my Walmarts >.>

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