Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eroded brights....

Good afternoon!

I have for you today, this month's Monthly Palette Project. This month's theme was eroded brights, and the challenge was to create an acid wash mani with it. Here's the palette:

Pretty colors, right? Right up my alley! Not surprising, I have all the colors, so I chose to divide the palette and create accents on both hands (if that makes sense). All colors I used are Zoya, and all were applied at 1 coat. The base color was Purity topped with Seche. This is recommended so you don't "eat" through to your nails when you go to "acid wash" them.

On my left hand, the ring finger and thumb were my accents. They were done in the following order: Taylor, Shelby, and Dita. The other three were as followed: Wednesday, Yummy, and Ling. Instead of a cotton swab dipped in acetone, I used a clean up brush dipped in acetone, and brushed it across each nail several times until I was happy with the look.

My right used the same colors, but I had the blues on accents and pinks on the other three. Once done "acid washing", I topped with Seche, then mattified with Wet 'N Wild's matte topcoat.


  1. wow! i can see i'll need to try this look

  2. Thank you! It's fairly easy to do, but can be messy, and it took longer than normal for all that polish to dry lol.