Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Friday!

Good evening and happy Friday! Woot woot!

I've got a few manis to show off tonight :) Let's start with today's Texture Friday.

I wore a new Pixie Dust today, Zoya's Lux from their Spring Magical Pixies. These pixies are rougher than the pixies they released last year. Lux doesn't see quite as rough as Cosmo and Vega, which I wore last month I believe. I applied two coats and let them dry a while before stamping. The plate was Vivid Lacquer VL 019, the colors OPI's Every Month is Oktoberfest and Pure Ice Silver Mercedes.

Thursday featured a new glitter from Candy Lacquer, Candy Confetti. I knew this glitter contained round and square glitters, but it also has heart shapes and diamonds too. Not a lot, at least not that I got onto my nails. I sponged it over 2 coats of Nails, Inc Baker Street with a coat of Seche sandwiched inbetween. I put a coat of Gelous over the glitter, then Seche.

And Wednesday....... Originally, I was going to do a bright yellow, but I got talked into doing a black and glitter mani. Rather than use two seperate polishes, I pulled out butter LONDON's The Black Knight. Yeah....... I have a seriously love/hate relationship with the polish. I love love love the color of the glitters and how it's kinda jelly like. However, I hate how it pulls away from my free edges, making it look shitty when I topcoat. It's not the topcoat doing it, it's TBK. I think the next time I wear it, it's going to be with undies -_-

I fully admit I retouched the pics just so the free edges looked decent. This is two coats, a coat of Gelous, and a coat of Seche.

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