Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Humpday!

Happy Wednesday! I've got several manis I want to show y'all :)

I kinda flubbed today's mani. What I pictured in my head didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted on the nail. It's pretty enough, I suppose, just not as bright as I thought it would be. Base color was 3 coats of Zoya Lianne, then a coat of Seche. I let that dry a good while because of the 3 coats, then I stamped over it with Winstonia W218 in OPI's Kiss me on my Tulips, then another coat of Seche.

Tuesday I wore my new preciousssssss :D I had ordered a new holo and received it Monday, so of course I had to wear yesterday. I paired my new holo, Lilypad Lacquer Tanzanite Twinkle, with Colors by Llarowe Smooth Criminal. Two coats each and a coat of Seche.

Monday was a stamped mani with a somewhat new color. I've used it for stamping with, but had yet to use it as a mani. It's a beautiful color, too, a darker radiant orchid in my opinion. The base for the mani was 2 coats of CND Vinylux's Tango Passion. I used it as I would a regular polish, so it got topped with Seche. Stamped over with Messy Mansion MM20 and Milani's Black Swift, then another coat of Seche.

Sunday's mani was a test in patience. I had to try several to get the right colors to water marble. I finally got it with OPI's 50 is the New Fabulous, I Just Can't Cope-cabana, and AmazOn...AmazOff. The base got a coat of Seche before it was stamped. I used EDM03 and Milani's Black Swift, then Seche, then OPI's Matte topcoat.

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