Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When I herp.....

I freakin' herp a derp!

Good afternoon! For those that celebrated yesterday, I hope you had a great Memorial Day! I spent the afternoon with friends and family, and got waaaaay too drunk :P

I completely meant to post half these manis last Friday, but when I leave my camera at home, that can't happen lol. So this is gonna be a big catching up post! Let's get the show on the road, shall we?

Starting with today's mani, which featured two new colors. Mani started with a base of 1 coat of OPI's Put a Coat on! base coat, followed by 2 coats of OPI's You're So Outta Lime. This one color impressed me more than last year's Neon Revolution neons (which I threw out, I was so disgusted with them >.<). If I hadn't added a coat of glitter, I might have considered a third coat, but honestly, I thought 2 was pretty good. The glitter I added is a new one from Hard Candy, Pop Star. Pop Star is a little thick, but packed with glitter; however, I definitely I should have sponged it on instead brushing it on. Two coats of Seche and done.

Yesterday I did up a patriotic mani featuring holos. I applied two coats of each color- KB Shimmer Whole Lava Lovin' and OPI's DS Glamour and Coronation. Stamped images came from Winstonia W107 and Vivid Lacquer VL 002, in Milani's White on the Spot. Topped with Seche.

Stamping Sunday's challenge was butterflies, fireflies, and ladybugs. Now, you could any one, combo, or all three in your mani. I opted for ladybugs, since it's something I hadn't done before. I started first with my ring fingers as the accents, and water marbled them with OPI's Red Hot Rio and China Glaze's Liquid Leather over a coat of Put a Coat on!. Boy, was that a bitch to do, but it came out nice. Dots are White on the Spot, topped with Seche.

The other fingers were 2 coats of Red Hot Rio, a coat of Seche, then stamped with Milani Black Swift and Winstonia W 112, and another coat of Seche.

For Textured Friday, I mixed my textures :) I did 2 coats each of OPI's Emotions and 4 in the Morning.

Thursday's mani is a copy of a mani I saw, I think, in a Face Book group I'm in. I don't remember exactly who posted it, but I had wanted to do ever since I saw. This is what I came up :)

I first did a Saran Wrap mani with OPI's Skull and Glossbones and French Quarter for Your Thoughts. Then I stamped over it first with OPI's Road House Blues and one image, then Road House Blues and OPI's Eurso Euro and another image. Image plate use was Messy Mansion MM 24. Topped with Seche.

Wednesday's mani was something simpler. Two coats of OPI's Be a Dahlia Won't You? and a coat of I Lily Love You. This needed two coats of Seche, because the flakie isn't as smooth as others.


  1. You've been busy!!! These all look fab! I definitely love your take on ladybugs <3

  2. Not busy, per se, just forgetful. And thank you!