Friday, May 30, 2014

Some Zoya spam!

Happy Friday!!

I finally received my latest Zoya last week, which was mostly colors from their newest summer collection. I've already used one, Ling, in a mani earlier this week, the acid wash I did :) Today I want to show you two other colors I received, a Magical Pixie Dust and a color from the Bubbly collection.

Now, I only ordered a little less than half the colors I wanted from the summer collections. I'll be getting the others here soon enough, but I just couldn't wait and order them all together. This year's color are, as always, gorgeous. I've only been a Zoya fan for a few years, but their summer collections have yet to disappoint me. 

For today's Textured Friday mani, I blatantly copied a mani one of the Zoya fairies posted to their Face Book yesterday lol. It was a pretty combo and I wanted to give it a try. All it was, was two coats each of Arlo (the only new Magical Pixies I got this time) and Rory from two years back (I think). Rory got a coat of Seche.

It might just be me, but it felt like Arlo was less rough than other Magical Pixies I've gotten.

Yesterday's mani featured Alma from the Bubbly collection. The Bubbly collection reminds me last year's Irresistible collection, which were foils with little gold flakies. The Bubbly collection colors are foils also, but have holo glitter instead of flakies.

Alma was 3 coats with a coat of Seche.

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