Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A few of my favorite things......

Good afternoon!!

I hope y'all had a good weekend :) Mine was so-so, nothing really exciting to report here, unless you count a new pair of sandals and new purse as exciting lol.

Alrighty, as the title implies, I'm gonna be showing y'all a few of my favorite things, mani style, starting with today's mani. For anyone that knows me, one of my absolute favorite things in the world is mint, barely surpassing my love chocolate, and, as you prolly guessed, it's only better when it's mint and chocolate. I'm talking not just candy and food, but scents, too. So it's really no wonder that I'm been wanting to do some sort of mint chocolate mani for quite some time.

I'll be honest, I own more than one or two mint colored polishes, because they really aren't the same. The latest I picked up was Morgan Taylor's Mint Chocolate Chip, and I just knew this was the base for this mani. Application was a little better than my other mints, but still needed three coats. I added "chocolate" dots in the form of Color Club Rebel Spirit (literally the only brown I own....) and topped with Seche. Simple, yet fun and cool :) MCC isn't as blue leaning as my pics show it; the first one is actually pretty close to what it looks like.

Yesterday's mani featured three of my favorite things- Zoya, matte, and Mundo de Unas stamping polish. The base was 2 coats of Rooney from Zoya's Tickled collection, the stamping color was fiusca from MdU, and stamped image from Sugar Bubbles SB 022. Topped with Seche, matted with Morgan Taylor's Mattes a Wrap.

For Stamping Sunday, the theme was tiger nails for Global Tiger Day, which, incidentally, is today. This also featured Zoya and MdU. Base colors were Sharon and Purity, three coats each. Plates used were Sugar Bubbles SB 002, Winstonia W-03, and 63 from aliexpress (I honestly don't know what else to call this plate. Also I'm so happy to use it finally, all thanks to MdU stamping polishes!), and the stamping polish was MdU black. Topped with Seche.

This was obviously my left hand. I used the same images and colors on my right hand, I just switched the base colors around, so that Purity was the accent, and Sharon was on the rest :)

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