Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Zoya has changed my mind!

Good afternoon!

So, anyone that knows me, knows that I do not like brown polish on me. I do like how it looks on other people, most of the time, but I have never liked on me. Most browns was too warm for my skintone and just look yucky. That is, until Zoya's Naturel and Naturel Deux. Those two collections had me trying colors outside my comfort zone, including the chocolately Emilia.

Even before I saw swatches, I knew I had to have this color. It appeared to be less warm than most other dark browns I've seen, which is what attracted me to Emilia. This is the first brown I've intentionally purchased...... and I don't regret. Emilia is just fabulous on the nail, and I love it. Application and formula were just perfect. I seriously thought about leaving it be, but I wanted to do a glitter gradient, so I did lol. Two coats of Emilia, a coat of Seche, and a gradient with A Little Bubbly from Candy Lacquer, then two more coats of Seche.

On Monday, I sported what I think is my best water marble yet. Funny part is, it was created when we lost power Sunday afternoon lol. I had just finished my base color, Zoya Purity, and was cleaning it up when the power went. It wasn't even storming at our house at the time, it was further away, but out it went. I still had light from my bedroom window, so I just pushed on and water marbled.

The colors I used I had been dying to use together since I got them- Zoya Alexa, Cole, and Edie. They worked beautifully together, I must say!

Stamping Sunday's theme happened to be one of my favorite things to stamp right: geometrics. I kept it simple, as a basic black and white mani to start. Zoya Purity and Black Swan were the base colors, Mundo de Unas black and white to stamp with, and my VL-2 plate from aliexpress for the image. A coat of Seche followed by a coat of Morgan Taylor's Matte's a Wrap finished it off.

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