Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More swatches!

Good evening!!

As promised, here are the other 3 Zoya Pixie Dust swatches. Two are from the Summer Edition, one is from the first set.

First up is Stevie. Stevie is a pretty light purple base with silver glitter. Very sparkly :)

Second is Liberty. This is one is more like the first set Pixie Dusts when dries. Blue base with blue glitter. It does stain the skin a little when you remove it, so take a little care when you do.

Lastly is Chyna. I love Chyna. It's the only true red textured glitter (or polish even) that I've seen so far. Chyna is just stunning on :)

All the swatches were done with 3 coats each. Being glitter, you should acetone to remove them.

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