Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sparkly, orange jelly :)

Good morning!

I totally meant to post this last night, but I got wrapped up in a movie and time escaped me. Before I knew it, it was midnight and the movie wasn't over yet! BUT, better late than not at all!

Yesterday's mani featured two of the Birchbox Blogger Trio colors from last summer, Zoya's Coraline and Belle. Coraline is a tangerine jelly that builds up nicely; I still had some VNL after 3 coats, but I seriously didn't add one more, since I was going to use Belle over it.  Belle is sparkly, pinkish-orangeish color that you can wear alone (similar to OPI's Princesses Rule!) or layer over other colors. I chose to layer one coat of Belle over 3 coats of Coraline.

One little trick that I've learned with jellies, especially Zoya's jellies, you really need to cap the free edge with each coat. Why? Because if you don't, it makes the VNL show up more, and it will look like your polish shrank. I've had that happen with Kate, the other color in the trio.

Now, I liked Belle layered over Kate, and I really like Belle layered over Coraline. It reminds me a little of OPI's Wing It! but without all the foilness of Wing It!.

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