Thursday, April 24, 2014

A late Happy Easter!

Good morning!

So, I had every intention of posting manis before today; sadly, that just didn't happen. Because of that, I've got four manis to show off, including my Easter mani. Let's get started!

Sunday was, of course, Easter, and the Stamping Sunday challenge was Easter themed. I was all set to do a stamped mani for it, but I changed my mind the day before on what I wanted my base to look like. That base looked so good, to me, that I decided not to stamp over it. I created a water marble using all Zoya colors- Malia, Josie, Shelby, and Yummy, the dots being Sharon. This was done over a base of Purity and topped with Out the Door's Northern Lights. 

My camera must have decided to be retarded this week, because some of my pics are kinda blurred >.< Sorry about that.

For Monday, I did a pink gradient, also using all Zoya colors- Shelby, Fergie, and Reagan. Topped with Seche.

Tuesday featured a stamped neon mani. Three coats of China Glaze's Turned Up Turquoise over White on White, a coat of Seche, Vivid Lacquer VL011, Milani Black Swift, and another coat of Seche.

And, lastly, Wednesday's mani was a bit simpler. It was two coats of OPI's Red Hot Rio (which is gorgeous, by the way!) and one coat of Snowflakes in the Air, also OPI, topped with Seche.

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