Thursday, April 17, 2014

Neon disillusion

Good evening!

Yet another busy week, and here I am with 4 manis to show you :) I'm still working through my untrieds, and this week was the neon mini set that OPI released last summer, Neon Revolution. It was their first neons, and most people were pretty excited about them. I can't honestly say I remember any reviews on them, and maybe I should have gone looking some before I bought the set.....

Right off the bat, let me just say I was extremely disappointed in all 4 colors, especially the blue. These are quite possibly the worst neons I've worked with. However, given that, I think I was able to pull off decent manis with them. My next goal will be to see if I can water marble with them, because they are definitely thin and watery enough for it.

Each of the neons were layered over the white base color that is included in the set. Also, each neon needed at least 3 coats to achieve the look I show, with the exception of Pink Outside the Box. It looked decent enough with two, thickish coats.

Monday's mani was created with Don't Say it- Yellow it! as the base. Using the Saran Wrap method, I layered Flit a Bit, The Time is Pow!, and Red Hot Rio, all OPI, over Yellow it!, and let it dry. I then stamped over that using images from Messy Mansion MM27 and Red Hot Rio and Maybelline's Bold Gold, and topped with Seche.

The pics don't do this mani justice, but I didn't have any sun that day, or most of the week, for nice outdoor pics.

Tuesday's mani used The Time is Pow!, in three thickish coats. Over that I layered Jindie Nails Megapixels, then a coat of Seche.

Wednesday featured the very disappointing Blue it Out of Proportion. Even after three, very thick coats, it was still streaky and uneven. Thankfully, I had already planned on layering Candy Lacquer Pixel Party over it. Two coats of Seche helped smooth it out.

Today's mani was with Pink Outside the Box. This one only needed two coats. Over that, I layered Salon Perfect Shocked, which I was so surprised to find at Walmart a few weeks ago. I only wonder if I'll be able to find the others too :) The pink glitters didn't show up very well against the neon, but that's all right. 

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