Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Good morning, and Happy Memorial Day weekend to my US followers! I hope this weekend finds everyone with fun filled plans and equally fun manis to go with them! I have a special mani planned for the actual day, but am nakey right now :P Today's post will be featuring the mani I rocked yesterday, so on to it!

Most, if not all, of you have prolly seen swatch pics and the actual colors in person of The Amazing Spiderman collection from OPI that was released earlier this month. When I saw swatches myself, I was determined to at least get Shatter the Scales; I knew for a fact I didn't want Your Web or Mine? and Call me Gwen-ever, but I had mixed feelings about the other four. While I was out last weekend, I stopped in Regis to see if they had the collection yet, since JCP didn't. They did but not the Shatter. So I looked over the others, and bam! One of the colors jumped out at me.

It wasn't one the ones you would expect either. This color is one I really didn't want to like. It's so not something I would normally wear, plus there was alot of hype surrounding that kinda turned me off. But there I was, polish in hand, buying it. I'm still on the fence a little with this color but I really like with Shatter the Scales over it. What color am I talking? Well, that would Just Spotted the Lizard. Everyone's been buzzing about this one, because it's supposed to a dupe for Chanel Peridot. I don't have that, so can't tell you either way.

What I do know is, the duochrome is hard to capture on camera lol, but it does have it. Most of the time you see an old gold color, but when you go outside, you see more of the teal green flashes. The formula is a little runny, and flooded my cuticles on almost every finger. Opacity was achieved in 2 coats, but I did a third because I thought I saw some bald spots I put in. I topped with SV, added an normal thickness coat of Shatter the Scales, and topped again with SV.

Now, let me tell you about Shatter the Scales. It's not like the other Shatters that OPI released last year; it's more like Super Bass that was released with the Niki Minaj collection in January. It's more glittery and not metallic at all, but it's not the Crackle Glitters that China Glaze has out currently (one of which I have and will do soon =D). Also, I haven't seen a Shatter or Crackle in this shade of green, so it's great all around in my book.

The first two pics show JSTL as the gold color. The third captures a teeny bit of the green, and of course the last is a close up that shows how the Shatter sparkles.

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