Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time flies........

When you're busy, busy, busy! Whew, where did the last four days go?! I swear I lost time somewhere x.x

Good evening! I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I spent most of yesterday running around doing errands in the wonderful, early summer heat we have going here in FL, then cleaning today. Fun fun!

I wanted to show the manis I was rocking Thursday, then Friday and Saturday. For Thursday, I did some nail art with my mani. I started out with two, very easy cots of Orly's Sweet Peacock. I can not say how much I love this color and how happy I am to finally have it. I topped it off with one coat of Out the Door's Northern Lights in silver, although with the crappy weather I had Thursday morning, you can't really see it >.>

I let that dry then pulled out a fine, round paintbrush and nail art lacquers, and went to town. I ended up doing something that I have just been dying to try since I first saw: monarch butterfliy wings! Anyone that knows me in real life knows how I absolutely love butterflies, my favorite being the Blue Morpho. So this was sort of my attempt at recreating that. Not too bad for my first try, I think.

I will say this for it: as pretty as it is, and can be, I don't think I'll be doing again anytime soon, as it's very time consuming. It took me a good hour or so, from start to finish, which I don't always have to devote to a mani.

On Thursday, I recieved my first Birchbox order, which was the Birchbox trio of Zoyas. I fell in love with these three colors when I saw swatches of them, and knew I had to had them. As soon as I opened the box, I knew that I would be wearing at least one of the colors the next day. Orange is a huge color right now, and one I can't get enough of, so I chose Coraline with Belle layered over. For this mani, I did 3 coats of Coraline with one of Belle. I know it looks like I didn't wrap my tips or have tip wear in my pics, but I did and I don't. It was the way the light was catching what I had for visible nail line, which really wasn't too horrible. I think I might have been better off with either 2 coats of each or just one more coat of Belle. Either way, it still came out very pretty.

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