Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Good morning! Welcome to the middle of a short week for my US followers! I hope the morning finds all of you well.

Today I bring to you my offering for Pink Wednesday. This week I kept it pretty simple, mostly because A) I couldn't figure anything else to do, or B) whatever I attempted turned out horrible xD. For some reason, the polish I'm about to show you practically shouted "I need something more!!!" and for the life of me, I just couldn't get anything to work. I also have no idea why I kept feeling the need to do something with it, since it's a beautiful color on its own, lol.

The color I'm talking about is the lovely Reagan from Zoya. This is another color from their Beach & Surf collection. It's very similiar to OPI's Dim Sum Plum and Ate Berries in the Canaries, both of which I have. I may have to do comparison swatches just to see how close they are. Anyways, Reagan is dark berry pink that's a nice change from the brighter, neon colors that are hot this summer. I think this would be a great color for just about any skintone, honestly.

You'll have excuse my pics for this post. I wasn't able to get outside to take them because our landlord decided to have new siding put up and these idiots came early early early. The first two are inside as close to my window as possible for "daylight" pics, the other two are inside as well with the flash.

Oh, and this 2 thin coats topped with Poshe. I will say this, the cremes from this collection are very pigmented, which I think makes them a bit thicker than other creme polishes I own. They are a bit harder to work with because of it, but not impossible.

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