Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some flakie love!

Good morning!

Very quickly, I want to make a PSA. It was brought to my attention, along with many other bloggers and polish groups, last night that there is yet another Face Book page by the name of Indievolutions with many stolen bloggers' pics. In most of the pics, the bloggers' watermarks have cropped out and a new one added. The page owner claims it was accident but we weren't fooled. As of about 11:15 last night, the page has been inaccessible but we don't know if it's because Face Book took it down or if the page owner set it to private. From what I understand, the latter was discussed with the page being brought back later in the week. So, keep your eyes out, notify any bloggers whose work you recognize, and report! These people got pretty nasty even though they admitted the page owner was wrong =\

On to today's mani! This past Saturday I broke my no buy (lol) but it was worth in my opinion. This season's collections have left me seriously wanting blues, simply because what's been offered was rather disappointing. Imagine my joy when promo pics of summer collections have popped up with bright, happy blues! I saw a lovely mani last week done in Orly's Skinny Dipping, and promised to look at it when I was at Sally's........ While it is a lovely color, something wasn't doing it for me with that polish. A few shelves up, though, FingerPaints had one of their summer displays up and lo, I spied Blue Raspberry Taffy. That was it, I was done for.

While it's not truly a unique color, I don't have a similiar color in my stash, so offer to the register I went. BRT is a pretty, almost pool blue with a purple undertone. The formula isn't horrible, but I did need three coats to get even opacity. I layered one coat of Sally Hansen's Glass Slipper, then topped with SV. Once that was all dry, I added a coat of Essie's Matte About You. I have found it's quicker to do that than just adding the matte coat alone, because not all of it may be dry and you risk smudges.

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