Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pink gradient for Pink Wednesday!

Hello and good evening! Welcome to the middle of week, which means it's Pink Wednesday again!

Tonight I bring to you a girly pink gradient, created using Zoya Shelby and Rory. I haven't shown Rory to you all yet by herself; I'll save that for another post. I started with 3, unfortunately, coats of Shelby. I really wish Shelby went on better in 2, because I can already tell I'm gonna need a back up of this pretty color. I topped with Poshe and let that all dry. For the gradient, I pulled out some make up sponges and just painted Rory right on and dabbed that onto the nail. There really isn't a right or wrong way to do a gradient; there's plenty of tuts on YouTube if you need some guidance. I pretty much just dabbed, let it dry, and dabbed some more until I was happy with the look, then added one final coat of Poshe.

Oh yeah, I had to take these indoors today x.x When I got up this morning, it was drizzling and didn't let up enough for me to get any nice outdoors pics.

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