Sunday, November 18, 2012

A copycat and more swatches!

Good evening!

I know that today being Sunday, I normally feature the Stamping Sunday challenge, today's being some aspect of matte. Now, I love matte, so you can imagine my excitement to do a stamped matte mani. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a complete fail. So much so, that I'm kinda embarrassed to show it here.

I do, however, have one to show from Friday. It's a bit of a copycat, as I saw a friend on Face Book post this early last week. Hers was OPI's Unfor-greta-bly Blue with an accent of Absolutely Alice. It was gorgeous. I wanted to do this myself, since I have Greta and hadn't tried it out. Instead of Alice, though, I used Simmer and Shimmer. I did two coats of each, then two coats of Gelous over Simmer, then finally SV over everything. I love how this turned out.

Now for some swatches! These are the last of my new Zoyas. Enjoy!

First up is Frida. Frida is teal green jelly that builds up nicely. I did 4 coats for this swatch, no topcoat.

Next, is Elisa. I knew I had to have Elisa when I saw it. Elisa is a gorgeous, gorgeous, lit from within, red shimmer. I truly don't own anything like it. Two coats for my swatch, no topcoat.

Third is Blaze. Blaze is a cool toned burgundy with irregular sizes of holo glitter. It's scattered holo, but holo nonetheless. Two coats, no topcoat.

Last up, is Storm. Storm is the same thing as Blaze, but in black. I can totally see this as a mani for New Year's Eve. Also two coats, no topcoat.

That's it! Enjoy your night!

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