Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sorry for my absence!

Good afternoon!

Sorry for my absence last week. Due to my bosses' (parents) going on vacay all last week, I worked in the office and had no time whatsoever to blog. I got one mani done with pics; that's it. Anything else I did, I just wasn't able to take pics off =\ The one I did get, though, was my cute Halloween mani, which I'll show in sec :)

First up is today's Stamping Sunday challenge, which was "over a glitter base" xD Yeah..... lol. I almost didn't do it, but decided, like literally, an hour before I went to bed to do it anyways, the glitter base anyways. The stamping I did this morning.

For my glitter base, I chose my personal Absolutely Alice dupe. I applied two coats of that for opacity and topped with SV. Just one coat, surprisingly; it's not a topcoat eater. My stamping was done with Bundle Monster 320 and Color Club's Antiquated, which came out much lighter than I anticipated. It gave my mani something of a subtle look.


Now for my Halloween mani. That started with a base of Milani's White on the Spot and was let dry thoroughly before sponging with Zoya Pippa and Arizona with White on the Spot. I did two layers of sponging before I was happy with it and topped with SV. I then stamped with Bundle 306 and Wet 'N Wild's Two Weeks Sober from the Spoiled collection. Matte-ified the whole thing with Matte-ly in Love from Hard Candy.


  1. I just want to say I love love this gradient
    did you sponge the yellow and the orange separately or on same sponge ?

  2. I did them on the same sponge. I've found it's a bit easier doing it that way.