Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No more Pink Wednesday!

Good evening!!

Yes, that's right. I will not be doing Pink Wednesday any longer. It came to my attention last week that the group behind starting that, has really turned into a group of mean girls. I'll be addressing this more in a post tomorrow. Tonight I want to you, dear readers, to enjoy my swatches :)

So, I showed swatches of Hard Candy's Beetle months ago. My pics were not so great. Beetle is an amazing multichrome that's a pain in the ass to photograph lol. I think I managed to get decent pics this time though. This time, I managed to get even coverage in three coats.


Now, when I was driving to work today, Beetle flashed a golden green, more green than the middle pic. I totally forget to snap a pic with my phone so I could show it. If you're in the States, you can pick Beetle up at Walmart for about $4, making it prolly the most affordable multichrome available. Get it if you can :)

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