Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stamping Sunday

Good evening! I hope everyone has had a great weekend, holiday or no. Today, I got a second Thanksgiving feast, because my grandma over seas on Thursday. The food was pretty awesome both today and Thursday, which was spent at my brother's house with him and his in-laws. I totally skipped the whole, Black Friday, corporate greed thing, but I did go out on Saturday and managed to support at least one small business. It was the first time I'd ever truly dusty hunted, and I found a brand new bottle of OPI's We'll Always Have Paris Suede :)

Today's challenge for Stamping Sunday was "over a blue base".


My problem wasn't what plates to use, I'd already decided on that. It was which color blue I wanted to use lol. It came to one of my newer ones, China Glaze's Blue Bells Ring from this year's holiday collection. This one is definitely a one coater, but I did two coats anyways. BBR is a metallic blue that tries to be reflective, but doesn't quite make it. It's not shiny enough. And let me tell you, it stains like a mofo. I made a mess of cuticles and whatnot, and man, it was a nightmare to clean up. I am not looking forward to taking this off >.>

My stamped images are snowflakes. I started with a full nail image on MASH 47 with Konad Special White. My thumbs got the image on Red Angel 119 in Color Club Perfect Mol-ten, then all of them got the two images on Bundle Monster 319 in Maybelline Blue Blowout and China Glaze Millenium. I really love how this turned out.



  1. So pretty! I love the stamping/overlay....creates a lovely effect! Glad you had a good holiday!

  2. Thank you! I think this is, by far, my best attempt at using more than image :)