Saturday, November 10, 2012

Teal Friday! Um, kinda lol...

Good evening!

Right before Halloween, I had order this completely girly plate from a seller on Ebay. This was after seeing posted in the wonderful stamping group I'm a member of on Face Book. Well, it came yesterday and instead doing my blog post, I played around with my new plate, mostly just see to how well the images stamped :P

Needless to say, I did not get around to making yesterday's post lol. I will say that my time was wasted well, since most of the images I tried (which wasn't all of them, more like 75%) stamped nicely. Only one or two didn't. Tomorrow's stamped mani will feature a few images from my new plate.

Ok, moving forward! I missed the whole Teal Toes awareness, since I think I was in school at the time. I figured that I would kinda make up for it yesterday and do a sparkly teal mani for that purpose. All the polishes I used for it are from Zoya. Base color is two coats of Cynthia, then 2 coats of Fei Fei, and one of Frida, topped with Poshe.

I will say this: As pretty as this mani was, it stained my nails like a mofo when I took it off. Not the skin around my nails, like most others would, but the nails themselves. Good thing I'm painting them over tonight :)

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