Saturday, November 24, 2012

What a busy week!

Good morning!

Sorry I haven't posted all week. I had full intentions of posting at least 2 or 3 times before today, but that just didn't happen. This week has kept me busy working and preparing for Thanksgiving, leaving me tired and not enough time to put up new posts.

So today's post is gonna be a big one. I have three manis to show you and more swatches :) Let's begin!

The first mani is the one I did up for Thanksgiving. I am extremely proud how this one turned out. It's a watercolor mani with stamping over it. My base color was 2 coats of OPI's San Tan-tonio, my watercolor colors were OPI's Flit a Bit and The "It" Color, Color Club's Rebel Spirit, and China Glaze's Winter Berry and Glittering Garland. For the stamping, I used Bundle Monster plate 05 and Red Angel plates 118 and 121 stamped in Pure Ice's Magic. I sandwiched SV between the base color and the watercolor, then topped it all off with SV.

Alrighty, next is the mani I wore on Wednesday. This is another one that I saw a friend on Face Book do. Last week, I traded for a matte polish that I've been wanting, not to just do for this mani. It went wonderfully, and I got OPI's Russian Navy Matte (now I just need the others lol!). So, I started with two coats of that and let it dry, not that it took very long. I then did flakie tips in Finger Paints Motely, and re-matte it all with Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love.

Lastly, is Tuesday's mani, which is a quick swatch of Chanel Vendetta. This is just two easy coats topped with SV. I know it's hard to tell, but it has a subtle shimmer to it.

Now for the swatches! These are from China Glaze.

Electra Magenta- 2 coats

Sweet Hook- 3 coats

Winter Berry- 2 coats

Deviantly Daring- 2 coats

Unpredictable- 2 coats

None of these really gave me any problems, although Winter Berry was a bitch to clean up. It's red, so meh, it's gonna happen lol. Sweet Hook was the only one that needed 3 coats, but I expected that with being a light creme. Surprisingly, it wasn't horribly streaky.

That's it! I'll post more info on the swatches when I add them to proper swatch page. Laters!

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