Monday, January 14, 2013

Had one of those weeks....

Good evening!

Many apologies for not posting since last week. Pretty much the whole week after my last post was just sucktastic, and this week's not shaping up to be much better. There's not alot to be done about it, so I'm just trying to move past everything. Now, if only I don't get sick...... lol.

I'll start with last Wednesday's mani. I'd been wanting to do a pink and gray mani for a few weeks; not a bright pink but something soft. I pulled out Zoya Shelby and laid down three coats of that. I need to get a back up of that color, I just love it.

I let that dry and decided to add some grey dots. I had gotten a new grey a few days before that to use for stamping and used that. It's Sinful Colors Adroise, it's nice and thick and does work nice for stamping as well as dots :) After the dots, I applied one coat of NYC's Matte me Crazy.

I love love love Friday's mani! I used two different textures, matte and liquid. I wasn't completely sold on the whole liquid sand when I first heard of it, but I like at least the one I bought, Get Your Number from OPI.

Now, I basecoated under that and the matte. For the matte, I used Orly Bonder and Elmer's under the liquid sand. Then, I did 4 coats of Zoya Phoebe and 2 coats of Get Your Number. This mani actually lasted pretty well.

Ok, now I did have a mani done up for Stamping Sunday's theme, which was a light, stamped color over a dark base. My pics did not come out well, and for some reason, even though the stamped image didn't come out nice and I was gonna show it, my Konad Special white messed up the image a little. I plan on trying it out again, because I love the image I wanted to use :)

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