Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Stamping Sunday!

Good evening!

I have a couple of stamped manis I'd like to show tonight. First up is today's Stamping Sunday theme, an accent. Remember last week I had done SS's theme but, not only did my pics suck, the mani sucked also? Well, I gave the stamped image another shot.

I started with 3 coats of OPI's Pedal Faster, Suzi! and topped with Seche. On a quick side note, I'm really hoping PFS isn't too similiar to Zoya Gei Gei >.< Once dry, I stamped the Marilyn Monroe image on my Sugar Bubbles 002 plate onto my ring fingers in Wet 'N Wild's Black Cream and topped with Seche again. The first three pics are my left hand, the fourth is my right :)

Next is the mani I rocked Friday. I've come across some Sinful Colors lately that are just awesome for stamping. The one I used in this mani is from the Haute Rebel, or Rebel Haute, set I've seen at Walgreens.

My base color is 2 coats of Zoya Lotus, which I think is perfect for this transitional time of year. I topped with Seche and let that dry before I stamped the geometric image on MASH plate 41 using Sinful Colors Rain Storm. The pattern turned out to be more subtle than I expected; I thought the blue would be brighter, but that's ok. Yes, I know my pics are a bit blurry but you can actually see the stamping pretty well in spite of the two dark(ish) colors :)

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