Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stamping Sunday

So, here it is, Stamping Sunday again, and I manage to get today's themed mani posted for it lol. Go me!

Today's theme called for using tape some how/way in your mani. I figured it's been a long time since I did a funky French, so that's how it started. I pulled the inspiration for the colors from Zoya; for the Peter Som fashion show, their manicurists paired mint and tangerine together.

I don't have the specific colors that were used, but I do have Wednesday and Arizona. Wednesday was the base color at two coats topped with Seche. I let that dry for a while before I whipped out my Scotch tape to do Arizona tips. I went over the tips a second because I didn't feel it wasn't opaque enough with just one go round.

I don't know how long I let Arizona dry, but it was long time, because I didn't to have to topcoat a second, then a third time after stamping. It was good and dry when I did stamp, so it wasn't smudged. My stamped image was Konad m66 in Wet 'N Wild's 2 Weeks Sober.

Overall, I like this mani, I just wish Arizona looked a little nicer. I'm just afraid it would have been really thick if I had gone over it a third time. But hey, at least my lines were straight and there was no bleed through :)