Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pretty princess mani

Good evening and happy humpday! How's the middle of the week going for you? Things are looking up for me. I got some rather exciting news yesterday: my family will be taking a wonderful trip the week of Thanksgiving :) I can't wait!

It's not everyday I want to do a super girly mani; I did today, though. And what could be more girly than a princess themed mani? I had recently gotten a girly stamping plate from Ebay. It has several Snow White images and a Cinderella one. I've always like Cinderella more, so I went for that one.

I started with a base of 3 coats of What's with the Cat-itude? from OPI and topped it with Seche. The plates I used to stamp with were Bundle Moster 304 and 321; I wanted to use the full nail shoe image on BM 216 but it won't stamp for crap -.- I ended up using the shoe on the plate with the Cinderella image. That is MLS 07 but I don't know who the maker is. All the images I stamped were stamped with Sinful Colors Adroise.

I also wanted to show a gradient I did the other day. I had been really wanting to something green, but didn't know what. I settled on the colors Gaga for Green from China Glaze and Your Palapa or Mine? from OPI. Gaga was the base at 2 coats, with Palapa sponged on. I like the two colors together :)


  1. Oh I love those designs which ebay seller has those plates !?

    Also great job on the gradient :)

  2. Hi and thanks! Cinderella and the pair of shoes are on the same plate, and the Ebay seller is samuelwsk333. Great seller and fast shipping, considering the plate came from Hong Kong. The plate that I got is an XL, but I believe he has both of those images available on individual plates :)