Saturday, January 5, 2013

Silly me :P

Good morning and happy Saturday! Got any plans for the first weekend of the new year? I don't, lol, aside from the usual laundry/cleaning.

Today, I'm gonna show you a new to me polish, an OPI Suede. I totally passed on this collex when it was first released about 4 years ago. At the time, I wasn't keen on the idea of not having a topcoat over my polish and "not using lotion, ect." (this was per the recommendations for Suedes). Silly me, I was under the misunderstanding that they had a suede feel, even up until I got mine.

I found a brand new, full bottle of We'll Always Have Paris Suede at a little salon earlier last month. It was the first time I was intentionally dusty hunting, since the salon had many Zoyas and OPIs. I saw Paris and figured I would give a Suede a shot.

Imagine my surprise when the finish was smooth, satiny matte, lol, which was fine. It was then I realized this collex had the suede sheen, not feel. I used one coat of Orly Bonder before applying two coats of Paris, but I still had some minor tip wear before I got to take pics yesterday morning (I had done this mani late Thursday afternoon). It wasn't unexpected, but I managed to get through a busy work day without huge chips. I may have to try and hunt down the other Suedes :)

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