Monday, January 7, 2013

Stamping Sunday and Monday blues

Good evening!

So, yesterday was Stamping Sunday, and the theme was supposed to be based on a book you're reading. I should have loved this theme since I love to read. Right now, I've been reading books based on Henry VIII and his wives.

I had a difficult time trying to come with something; I had the colors, green and white. Apparently, those were the colors preferred by Henry VIII and his father. I just couldn't figured out anything else. What I finally came up with was, in my opinion, kinda lame but I'll show you anyways.

One of the key events in Henry's reign was when he made himself head of the Church of England and broke from Rome and the Pope. So, I did 2 coats of OPI's Your Palapa or Mine? topped with Seche. It's a lovely green and about perfect for a Tudor green. For the stamping, I used Bundle Monster plates 08 and 13 stamped in Konad Special white. Unfortunately, Seche smeared the image on my left hand, so I didn't do a close up >.>

Today was rather gloomy, hence the Monday blues. I decided it would be fitting to try out Zoya Kristen. Kristen is a pretty, light blue grey that reminds me of dolphins :) It's not pastel enough for spring, but soft enough for midwinter.

I applied two coats of Kristen, followed by one coat of Finger Paints' Motley then Seche.

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