Friday, October 14, 2011

Challenge #13- animal print

Happy Friday to you all! I don't know about you, but I'm definitely glad it's Friday; it's been a hell of a week........ At least it's sunny this morning so I could take pics of today's challenge. I swear, we've had so much gloomy weather this year, it's unreal. Should change it to the Not-So-Much Sunshine State xD

As the title says, today's challenge was the animal print. This was destined to be my least favorite simply because I DO NOT like animal print, never have. It's nothing against  anyone that wears it, but I just can't like it and I've tried. While I'm pretty ok with what I came up with for the mani, I prolly won't do it again ever lol. This is my first, and likely only, animal print mani, and I chose to do tiger stripes.

I started with a base color of No Room for the Blues from OPI, 2 coats, and let that dry without a topcoat. I dug through my drawer of acrylic paints and quickly realized I have no black. I do have midnight blue, so I mixed up a little of that with some water, and using a small fine brush, paints tiger stripes right on the polish. They're a little sloppy, but again, my first time doing this. Topped with SV and done!

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