Thursday, October 27, 2011

Challenge #21- Inspired by a color.......

Good morning! Quick post today for this challenge, since I didn't really plan on one lol. This particular challenge posed some.... WTF for a few people that I've seen on FB. Inspired by a color? What does that mean? :P

I chose to interpret this challenge as inpired by a color from nature. I picked something that most women (that I know :P) love to receive. I also had these myself up until recently. What am I referring to? Why, roses! Red, red roses. Red roses aren't my personal favorite, but this color is prolly the one that I can say above all my other reds is.

This is Rose to the Ovation, from OPI. I. Love. This. Red. I have yet to find another that comes close to this shade of rose. It really reminds me of roses I had until this past summer; I think they were called Midnight Velvet. They were gorgeous. So is this color. Two coats for full opacity and topped with Poshe today (the bubbles you see are the topcoat, not the color. Idk why Poshe does that to me, but it does xD).

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