Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Challenge #14- Flowers

You ever get so frustrated trying to learn how to do something properly, it almost puts you in tears when you just don't get it? Yeah, that's me with a few things I've tried and failed at over the years. Most notably, is my recent burning desire to learn how to stamp. I had gotten the Bundle Monster plates months ago, but had yet to really sit and use them. When this challenge came along, I figured it was a good opportunity to try them out.

Yeah, that didn't work out so well. I just couldn't get it to work properly. After many, many helpful ladies at Nail&Gossip and lots of youtube tuts, I finally, FINALLY got it. So, YAY for my stamping debut!!!

So, since it's Pink Wednesday, I used a pink base color, The One That Got Away from OPI. Two coats of that and SV, and let it dry. For my design, I used BM 10; the one I used looked like an awareness ribbon of flowers.

I figured, cool. It didn't transfer completely to my nails, but still looks pretty. I stamped the first set of flowers with Ate Berries in the Canaries from OPI. That was more subtle than I thought it would be. You can still see them, like in the above pic, but only in really bright. I stamped the second set with the Konad Special Polish. Topped it all with SV and done! I'm really proud of how this turned, so much so that I now want the other set of BM plates, lol.

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  1. Your stamping looks great... already doing better than I am at this... this is the one thing I "need" to master. Good Job!