Sunday, October 16, 2011

Challenge #20- water marbling

Before I get to today's challenge, there's something I need to say first. It has recently come to my attention that the 31 day challenge myself and prolly several others are doing wasn't created by the person that posted it in Nail Polish and Gossip on Facebook. It's never my intention to purposely take something like this and not credit the creator. If any of you lovely followers know who the creator is, please let me so I can give credit where it's due. Thank you! On to the challenge!

So, this is the one challenge I was dreading the most of them all. I had tried a few times last year around the time OPI was having their contest for water marbling and failed horribly. After reading many tips, I realized what I was doing wrong. I also found this great tutorial that really helped explain it all to me. I decided to do a kinda Halloween theme, since it's already halfway through October.

I started with a base color of 2 coats of Alpine Snow from OPI (all the colors I used for this are OPI). Following the tut, I used Black Onyx, Flit a Bit and Funky Dunkey. I'm really quite proud of how this turned out. The first pic is pre- clean up.

You may notice that my index fingers (left hand) don't match this first pic....... Yeah, I had a casualty and had to redo it this morning. I was a little annoyed, since it had come out so well.

Ignore my PJ shorts, I had my hubby take the next two pics and didn't realize they would be in the shot >.<

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  1. This is great - you did a wonderful job! I love your colour choices (and your PJ shorts!).