Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stamping Sunday challenge!

Good evening! I hope everyone has had a sppoky weekend before Halloween! Myself, not so much but that's ok :) I've had other things to worry about lol.

Tonight's post is a two for one, because I haven't posted Friday's mani. I'll start with the Stamping Sunday challenge. I almost didn't do today's challenge; at first, the theme called for "using a plate that ended in the day you were born". Well, my day of birth is the 10th, so my choices for plates were few and unappealing. However I later checked, and the month you were born was added. That helped with the choices, and today's mani was created.

I started with two, very easy coats of OPI's French Quarter for Your Thoughts and topped with SV. I then stamped with Wet 'N Wild's Black Cream and Bundle Monster plate 312. The result: storm clouds!

I prolly should have waited a little longer before I applied my matte coat, because, unfortunately, it smeared the image a little =\

Now, for Friday's mani, I think that was the last pink I'm doing for this month. For it, I chose Congeniality is my Middle Name from OPI. Just 3 coats and SV, and that's it. I do love this color, I should wear it more, it's so pretty.


  1. That cloud mani is so pretty. It looks amazing mattified!

  2. Hello I'm a new follower, I want to give you the FRANK award! I found you thru comments on Plump and Polished!