Thursday, March 14, 2013

A few holo swatches

Good morning!

I have a few holo swatches I want to show you this morning. I've got so many swatches to post, that I figured I would post a few on the days I don't have an actual mani to show you :)

The holo goodness I want to show you are from Color Club's latest releases from the Halo Hues line, Cosmic Fate and Beyond. Mind you, I didn't buy any from the first releases of Halo Hues, but that was because the colors didn't really call to me. The newest ones did, from the pics I had seen.

First to show is Cosmic Fate. I was a little disappointed in the color of this one, since the pics I had seen showed it to be more orange than it really is. Cosmic Fate is more coppery than orange; I like it, but I was wanting more of an orange holo. The polish applied very nicely, and I could have done with just one coat, but did two anyways. I can also tell it stamps well. First pic is inside with a flash, second is outside no flash.

Look at that linear holo goodness! Color Club really hit the nail on the head with their Halo Hues!

Next is Beyond. Beyond is a true black holo, unlike Revvvolution which comes off more charcoal grey. I have no words for the beauty of Beyond; same great formula and application. I'll let the pics speak :) First inside flash, second outside no flash.

Oh, and no topcoat was used in either swatches, but I can tell you it does not effect the holoness of either. Beyond also stamps very well. I plan on acquiring the colors in 2013 release of the Halo Hues; they are a little pricey, considering I get pro prices for other brands, but I believe they are worth it :)

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